Sell A Business or Buy One!

Selling A Business?

Your Biggest Sale Is Selling Your Business

Selling your company is a once-in-a-lifetime affair. It is the biggest sale in your company's history and one you will not have an opportunity to do over. Your goals and ours are the same --  to sell the business for the most dollars, to the highest qualified buyer, in the shortest amount of time, and with the least disruption to your business. Achieving these goals can best be accomplished by adhering to a process that we provide as our full seller service, not engaging in an unfocused, "let's talk to the next guy through the door" approach.

What We Do

If you are selling a business in Ohio, Kentucky or Indiana, you should know that our efforts are primarily focused on assisting the business owner sell his business with our full seller service. Typically it is the sale of an entire company but can also be a division divestiture.


For the most part our fee is paid when the sale transaction closes with the buyer. This fee is competitive and is based on the nature and size of the business, and the anticipated effort that will be required to achieve your goals. We will document the fee and our efforts in our standard Consulting Agreement. Please contact us for further details.


The main source of our work comes through referrals from satisfied clients, their attorneys and accountants. A list of clients is available upon request. We hope you will choose to become a client. If you do, we are confident you will be pleased enough with our efforts to become a referral source. So contact us to discuss your goals.

Sell Your Company Yourself?

Our experience as a business broker shows that if you sell your company by yourself you may not achieve your goals; most important, you may not obtain the highest price for your business. However, since this may provide a good opportunity for buyers, we offer a limited, free listing service for those business owners who believe they can perform all the necessary steps and complete a sale by themselves. In this case we will execute a fee agreement with the prospective buyer.

Our Approach

The optimum sale scenario for selling your business is to:

  •  Have several qualified business buyers actively bidding on your company
  • Select the best offer
  • Keep that business buyer honest through the due diligence/final negotiations by having the others waiting in the wings.

Reaching that objective involves six distinct steps, each designed to advance your agenda:

  •  Pricing and Structuring - The keystones to the selling process, involving in-depth financial analysis, and a sound understanding of business valuations, buyer motivations and available acquisition financing
  • Developing and Implementing the Marketing Plan - With a thoughtful understanding of the marketplace, a focus on identifying potential buyers and by understanding the business and the markets in which it operates.
  • Preparing Sales Material - A readable and informative description of the business.
  • Soliciting and Negotiating Preliminary Offers -  From posting on our web site and six other sites to direct mail to advertising to extensive personal contacts, the real selling starts here.
  • Selecting an Offer and Negotiating the Purchase Agreement - Blending the parties' motivations, requirements and needs with accounting, law, taxes, and finance.
  • Closing and Post-Closing - Maintaining emotional tranquility during the stress of conducting due diligence and preparing closing documents.

If you have the extensive experience and skills to perform the steps listed above then use our free listing service, if not contact us.