Businesses for Sale

To receive a detailed booklet of Evaluation Materials for any of these listings please print and sign the Buyer Confidentiality Agreement on a separate page in this web site, then fax to Becker & Beggs at 513-621-0057. We will contact you immediately upon receipt of your signed Confidentiality Agreement.   


  • Profitable - $89,000 owner's discretionary earnings on $309,000 sales
  • Staple in the community since 1999, relies solely on word-of-mouth for its trade

  • Recession resistant - owners spend money on pets in good times and bad
  • Conveniently located near interstate exit
  • New owner can grow sales by hiring a groomer or better yet, is a groomer (current owner is not)
  • Priced at $150,000, a new owner will have income after loan payments of about $63,000        
  • Buyer needs minimum $25,000 for down payment, closing costs and working capital