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If your business has income over $2 million and is located within 80 miles of Cincinnati, Ohio you qualify for a Free Listing. Please complete this form and your company will be included in our business listings on this web site. We will contact you after executing a CONFIDENTIALITY AGREEMENT with prospective buyers who have indicated an interest. While we are pleased to offer this free listing service, our experience shows selling yourself without a thoughtful, clear analysis supporting the price, a comprehensive  approach to a large number of qualified prospects, including follow-up discussions, and experienced negotiating, you may not achieve your goals.  In other words, your will not obtain the highest price, and it will take longer to complete, so we encourage you to contact us and obtain our full service.

Complete the form below with information that will remain COMPLETELY CONFIDENTIAL, not be included on our web site listing, and not shared with anyone until you approve.  Your name, the Company name, and specific location will not be in our listing; only the general nature of your business, i.e. manufacturing or distribution, etc. and located in the Midwest.

Please provide all of the following contact information for our use only.  This information will not be included in your business listing:  

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